Women’s coat tea – effect, application and preparation

Women's coat tea - effect, application and preparation

Women’s coat tea is recommended primarily because of its helpful effects for women complaints and the desire to have children. We’ll tell you what else you can use the tea for and what you should pay attention to when harvesting and preparing the herb.

Effect of women’s coat tea

Women’s coat tea is often used, especially during pregnancy.
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As the name of the lady’s mantle suggests, this medicinal plant is used in almost all types of Mrs complaints used:

  • Traditionally, women’s coat tea is used Pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual problems, White river (Secretion of white secretions from the vagina) and premenstrual mood swings recommended.
  • He also helps fertility problems, additional bleeding (Metrorrhagia) and Menopausal.
  • Women’s coat tea is particularly common fertility used, because it has a balancing effect on the cycle regulation in the female hormone balance. It also helps build and maintain the endometrium, which is very important for conception.
  • In the early days of pregnancy can women coat tea Reduce risk of miscarriage, because it strengthens the uterus.
  • In the last month of pregnancy, however, the herb is helpful to the To strengthen pelvic organs.
  • But women’s coats are also very helpful after birth: in this phase, tea supports you milk flow as well as the healing process of injuries that occurred during childbirth.

In addition, lady’s mantle herb has numerous other positive effects – regardless of gender:

  • Lady’s mantle works astringent (Astringent), anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, antioxidant such as antispasmodic.
  • The women’s coat tea is recommended at Gastrointestinal problems: The contained tannins cause the intestinal mucosa to contract, making it more difficult for these bacteria to penetrate. Therefore, the tea can be light diarrhea help.
  • The tea of ​​the perennial plant also relaxes the mind and helps, for example stress-related symptoms.
  • at mucosal irritation in the mouth and throat it can help to gargle with the women’s coat tea.
  • In the genital area, tea – especially for women – is recommended as a hip bath, while it can also be used as an envelope for wounds and oozing eczema.
  • Women’s coat tea also promotes circulation, which can help with low blood pressure. If you suffer from high blood pressure, you should therefore discuss the application with your naturopath or family doctor beforehand.
  • In addition, the lady’s mantle will have a positive effect obesity, migraine, arteriosclerosis, diabetes and thyroid disease promised. Also at varicose veins the herb is recommended – it should purify and thin the blood.

Harvest a lady’s coat wildly and grow it yourself

The striking leaves of the lady’s mantle
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / a-mblomma)

Lady’s mantle is a relatively widespread plant in our latitudes, which you mainly focus on wet meadows, in sparse forests and on ditches find. The adult perennial is between 10 and 50 cm high. The plant produces yellow-greenish flowers from May to August, while the seven to eleven-lobed, circular leaves are hairy and serrated on the edge.

The best way to harvest the herb is during the flowering period May to August early morning. To do this, simply cut off the entire herb a little above the earth. But make sure that you only harvest part of the crop so that the plant can reproduce. 

Then cut the herb into small pieces or just pluck off the leaves before drying the plant parts in an airy and shady place. Of course, you can also prepare the tea from a fresh lady’s mantle.

Wild herbs spring up out of the ground not only in spring and summer. They are delicious and on top of that a health kick for …

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Grow women’s coat yourself

You can also use the lady’s coat quite easily grow in your own garden. The herb is undemanding and frugal. It’s best to choose one sunny location, but a half-shaded spot is still quite suitable. The lady’s mantle prefers moist, humus-rich and nutrient-rich soil with a neutral pH. The plant does not tolerate waterlogging.

Alternatively, you can also buy women’s jacket tea in the health food store or in the pharmacy buy, where Organic quality is always to be preferred.

Tea warms from the inside, does you good and makes you feel good. Depending on the variety, it can calm, heal or stimulate ….

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Preparation of the women’s coat tea

  1. For each cup (250 ml) of women’s jacket tea, pour cold water over a heaping tablespoon of the dried or fresh herb.
  2. Now heat the infusion to the boil and then remove it from the stove.
  3. Then let it soak in a warm place for about ten minutes before straining the herb.

For internal use in case of complaints or as a cure, you drink a cup of lady’s mantle three to four times a day.

As described above, you can also use it externally for envelopes and hip baths, while it is also suitable for rinsing in the vaginal area.

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