Women's coat tea - effect, application and preparation

Women’s coat tea is recommended primarily because of its helpful effects for women complaints and the desire to have children. We’ll tell you what else you can use the tea for and what you should pay attention to when harvesting and preparing the herb.

Effect of women’s coat tea

Women’s coat tea is often used, especially during pregnancy.
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As the name of the lady’s mantle suggests, this medicinal plant is used in almost all types of Mrs complaints used:

  • Traditionally, women’s coat tea is used Pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual problems, White river (Secretion of white secretions from the vagina) and premenstrual mood swings recommended.
  • He also helps fertility problems, additional bleeding (Metrorrhagia) and Menopausal.
  • Women’s coat tea is particularly common fertility used, because it has a balancing effect on the cycle regulation in the female hormone balance. It also helps build and maintain the endometrium, which is very important for conception.
  • In the early days of pregnancy can women coat tea Reduce risk of miscarriage, because it strengthens the uterus.
  • In the last month of pregnancy, however, the herb is helpful to the To strengthen pelvic organs.
  • But women’s coats are also very helpful after birth: in this phase, tea supports you milk flow as well as the healing process of injuries that occurred during childbirth.

In addition, lady’s mantle herb has numerous other positive effects – regardless of gender:

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