France wants to ban notorious monsanto pesticide

France’s Ministry of the Environment has asked garden centers to take “Roundup” out of sales. Millions of farmers and private individuals are spraying the pesticide, although it is considered to be carcinogenic.

France’s Minister of Agriculture Ségolène Royal has announced a ban on the sale of the herbicide "Roundup" in garden centers. France must "go on the offensive if pesticides are stopped," the minister told France 3 on Sunday.

Roundup is the best-selling weed killer in the world and is used by farmers and cities as well as by private individuals. It works with the controversial chemical glyphosate. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), a subsidiary of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified the substance as "likely" to be carcinogenic in March. However, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) had not yet found any evidence in 2014 that glyphosate could be carcinogenic.

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Fracking - nobody wants it, but nobody wants to ban it

Fracking promises access to previously unreachable natural gas deposits, but environmental groups warn of uncontrollable risks in gas production. Curious: Nobody wants fracking, but it is still not forbidden.

Oil and natural gas, the magic ingredients of the industrial revolution, are slowly running out. More and more daring maneuvers are being undertaken to access the remaining supplies. Everyone is talking about a process in the gas sector that throws unsuspected (pressure) waves: hydraulic fracturing, in English "hydraulic fracturing" or fracking for short, is the magic word that is supposed to wash money into the pockets of energy companies, divide politics and endanger citizens.

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