Free radicals - what effects they have and how you protect yourself

Free radicals are considered dangerous substances that cause us to age prematurely and make us weak and sick. But what’s really going on with the chemical compounds?

What are free radicals??

Free radicals are compounds that have an unpaired electron. This means that they lack an electron, so to speak. So they are incomplete and therefore unstable. In order to regain a stable state, they want to react with other substances as quickly as possible and snatch an electron from them. The most important representative of this group is the oxygen radical. By reacting with other compounds, further radicals are formed. This can trigger a number of chain reactions.

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Women's cooperatives - what they do and why they matter

Women earn their own money in women’s cooperatives. But there is more to it than that. We explain how cooperatives can lift women out of poverty.

Women’s cooperatives offer women in countries such as Africa, Asia or South America the opportunity to free themselves from poverty or other difficult life situations. By uniting, they can better pursue their goals and support each other.

The cooperative is something like one cooperative, in which, for example, farmers join together. The women in the cooperative are also the owners and determine themselves for what they want to use the profits they have made together.

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