Filmtip - the ocean cleanup as youtube-doku

In early September, the ocean vacuum cleaner from the Dutch company The Ocean Cleanup set to sea to clear the oceans of plastic. You can watch a documentary about the origins of the organization on YouTube.

is possibly the best known organization that works against the huge amounts of plastic waste in the oceans. This is certainly also due to the charismatic founder of the company, Boyan Slat. He started the giant five years ago at the age of 18 marine Vacuum Cleaners to develop. This should now start its work on the Pacific garbage strudel. The company is featured in the Dutch channel’s YouTube documentary “The Ocean Plastic Cleanup of Boyan Slat”.

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Film tip - garbage island - an ocean full of plastic

Garbage Island shows the everyday life of researchers on the high seas and also explains the background of plastic pollution. Who is to blame for the trash??

"The world is plastic. It’s a plastic fantastic world. It’s our society, it’s our way of life, it’s our food delivery system. "

Plastic is practical. It is inexpensive to manufacture, durable, freely formable and light. And so life without plastic is no longer imaginable for us. But what happens to all the packaging material when the content has long been used up? Where does the shopping bag end up when we no longer need it??

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