Fresh look - fairphone 2 with slim case four new colors

The Fairphone 2 gets a slim case: This makes the back cover, the interchangeable back of the phone, which also serves as a protective cover, thinner and more visually appealing and is available in four different colors.

The integrated back cover of the Fairphone 2, which protects against falls and bumps, has been fundamentally revised. The new "slim case" is now thinner and makes the entire phone appear more delicate and high-quality. In addition, the new back cover is easier to detach from the smartphone and re-attach due to the two-part construction.

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Film tip - nervous republic - a look behind the scenes of politics and media

Director Stephan Lamby accompanied politicians and journalists for a year. He was at party conferences and demonstrations, at press meetings and crisis meetings. The result is a portrait of a society: unsettled, hectic, hysterical.

If a director wants to make brutal scenes look particularly dramatic, he can use a popular means: classic singing from the off. While the blood splatters on the screen, an opera singer is chirping in the background. A stark pair of scissors from image and sound – at least irritating, almost disturbing. Although there is no blood flowing in Stephan Lamby’s film "Nervous Republic", the effect also has an effect here: Lamby shows the angry mob of a Zwickau demonstration while magnificent singing is playing in the background. He has journalists and politicians read alot of hate comments. And shows them how they hurry from one appointment to the next – in the car, down the aisle, in the elevator.

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