Liquid shower gel without garbage - the start-up nada has invented one for self-mixing

Zero waste in the bathroom sometimes fails due to impractical products. The start-up "nada – simply care" has a completely new idea for the shower: a powder made from vegetable washing substances for self-mixing. But the company still needs crowdfunding support.

Soap for hair and body has not yet been able to gain widespread acceptance: most people still use liquid shampoo and shower gel. It has a pleasant consistency, foams vigorously, smells – and unfortunately is almost always in a plastic bottle.

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The documentary “North Sea Rubbish Dump” shows how animals die from plastic fishing nets – right on our doorstep. Because the North Sea is full of abandoned plastic nets. A necessary evil for the fishermen, because there are no alternatives.

North Sea rubbish dump: Documentary about dangerous ghost nets

have vacationed on the German North Sea coast last year, many more on the Danish or Dutch coast. After all, the North Sea coast is one of the most environmentally friendly holiday destinations. Nevertheless, plastic nets or what’s left of it are often on the beach – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The Arte documentary “Garbage dump North Sea” shows pictures of countless ghost nets on the sea floor, in which fish get caught and die painfully. Sea birds confuse the plastic cords with food or nesting material. The bird children grow up in a plastic nest and often swallow the plastic.

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Film tip - garbage island - an ocean full of plastic

Garbage Island shows the everyday life of researchers on the high seas and also explains the background of plastic pollution. Who is to blame for the trash??

"The world is plastic. It’s a plastic fantastic world. It’s our society, it’s our way of life, it’s our food delivery system. "

Plastic is practical. It is inexpensive to manufacture, durable, freely formable and light. And so life without plastic is no longer imaginable for us. But what happens to all the packaging material when the content has long been used up? Where does the shopping bag end up when we no longer need it??

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Film tip - a world without garbage

Can rubbish be completely reused as a raw material? The planet e.-documentary “A World Without Garbage” addresses this question and shows companies that only want to manufacture products that can be completely recycled.

The German chemist Michael Braungart is convinced that an environmentally friendly economic system can work. He says: Everything we throw away can be reused as a raw material. "Cradle-to-Cradle" – "From the cradle to the cradle" – he calls his counter-proposal to the throw-away society. Together with companies, Braungart develops products that can be fully recycled at the end of their use. But even large companies can really switch to 100 percent cradle-to-cradle?

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