Remove rust film - this will cutlery, stainless steel and chrome bare again

Removing rust film is important: it quickly makes shiny metal unsightly and can even damage it. With some home remedies and tips, you can remove rust and prevent it.

In contrast to rust, which penetrates the metal and destroys it, flash rust only affects the surface of metal objects. You recognize rust in the early stages red-brown dots on Stainless steel or chrome surfaces. It can occur particularly quickly when there is increased humidity. That’s why you’ll often find it on metal in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

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Film tip - between heaven and ice

Nowhere else on earth are the consequences of climate change as tangible as in eternal ice. The documentary "Between Heaven and Ice" accompanies the scientist Claude Lorius to Antarctica and shows the beauty and fragility of this part of the world.

In his new film "Between Heaven and Ice", director and Oscar winner Luc Jacquet ("The Journey of the Penguins") tells the story of the now over 80-year-old French polar explorer Claude Lorius in spectacular shots. As a young man, he explored ice under the most extreme conditions. He was the first to trace the Earth’s climate history back 800,000 years – and to prove that current climate change is man-made.

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Film tip - our earth 2

Unique animal species, impressive nature shots, accompanied by dramatic music – ten years after "Our Earth", the successor is now in cinemas. "Our Earth 2" convinces with strong wildlife shots – and an important message. We saw the film for you.

The wildlife documentary “Our Earth 2” takes viewers around the world in the course of a single day: from sun-lit mountain peaks, down to remote islands, to exotic rainforests. The film shows how the natural rhythm of day and night and the connection to the sun connect all species with each other.

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Film tip - wackersdorf - now also as a dvd

With Wackersdorf, an exciting film about the resistance against a nuclear reprocessing plant comes to the cinemas. The plant is said to create many jobs, but criticism quickly arises. Weapon-grade plutonium should be produced there?

Cinema film Wackersdorf: a village in the nuclear power debate

Wackersdorf is a tranquil village in Bavaria – the world is still in order here. Only the high unemployment worries the district administrator. Then the Bavarian government became an atomic one Reprocessing plant plans in Wackersdorf, all worries about the job seem to have been blown away. But quickly does one Anti-nuclear citizens’ initiative Mood against the facility and warns of the dangers for the people in Wackersdorf. When the police act illegally against the citizens’ initiative, the district administrator gets doubts. He is facing more and more risks and is going public. The state government needs (still) his signature for the construction of the plant and is therefore planning a law to To disempower district administrators.

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Film tip - far. The story of a way around the world

Around the world without a plane – it took Gwen and Patrick almost four years to do this. They hitchhiked and walked from the Black Forest. The result was “Weit”, an impressive documentary that shows that you don’t need much to be happy.

Spend a maximum of five euros a day, hitchhike as much as possible, sleep in a tent, exchange work for sleeping places and food – never fly. This is probably the least of us imagining a trip around the world. A young couple from the Black Forest, on the other hand, do.

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Film tip - the end of meat - a world without meat

What if mankind stopped eating meat? The End of Meat is a new documentary about the vision of a future without meat.

A few years ago, as a vegan you were an exotic, today there are millions of people who eat a purely plant-based diet. The vegan market is booming, there are vegan products in every supermarket.

Filmmaker Marc Pierschel asked for “The End of Meat”: Is the current hype the beginning of the end of meat eating? We may be at the turning point in our relationship with animals?

The End of Meat: a vision of the future

The documentary is a mind game about a future in which meat consumption is a thing of the past. How would it affect the environment, animals and ourselves if we stopped using animal products? This scenario is being developed with approaches that already exist worldwide today.

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Film tip - the cleaners - the abyss of the internet

The film "The Cleaners" shows shocking pictures from the abysses of the Internet: torture videos, pictures of ill-treatment and abused children – and those who are supposed to clean it up. A film you have to see.

Every minute, 500 hours of video material are uploaded to YouTube, 450,000 tweets are published on Twitter and 2.5 million posts are posted on Facebook. YouTube, Twitter and Facebook have to make sure that there are no suicide live streams, calls for violence or ill-treatment.

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Film tip - power to change - the energy rebellion

The film "Power to Change – The Energy Rebellion" shows that a sustainable energy transition is technically and financially possible and how much bottom-up movements can bring about.

Why energy turnaround??

Of the climate Change is probably one of the biggest problems our world has to solve right now. Many people are pushing for it energy transition: The way we generate energy has long determined our way of life. Since we started using fossil fuels and energy storage, our society has been able to produce and grow much more. 

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Film tip - power to change - the energy rebellion

A film about a great vision: A democratic, decentralized energy supply from 100% renewable energies. The film "Power to Change" is a plea for a quick implementation of the energy transition – and tells the captivating stories of fighters, inventors and visionaries.

After the successful documentary “The 4th Revolution”, director Carl-A shows. With “Power to Change”, Fechner once again impressively shows what the departure into a post-fossil world could look like, shows the power and necessity of an energy revolution – and the people who implement it.

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Film tip - nervous republic - a look behind the scenes of politics and media

Director Stephan Lamby accompanied politicians and journalists for a year. He was at party conferences and demonstrations, at press meetings and crisis meetings. The result is a portrait of a society: unsettled, hectic, hysterical.

If a director wants to make brutal scenes look particularly dramatic, he can use a popular means: classic singing from the off. While the blood splatters on the screen, an opera singer is chirping in the background. A stark pair of scissors from image and sound – at least irritating, almost disturbing. Although there is no blood flowing in Stephan Lamby’s film "Nervous Republic", the effect also has an effect here: Lamby shows the angry mob of a Zwickau demonstration while magnificent singing is playing in the background. He has journalists and politicians read alot of hate comments. And shows them how they hurry from one appointment to the next – in the car, down the aisle, in the elevator.

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