Selling flies – the best home remedies for houseflies

Selling flies - the best home remedies for houseflies

There are some effective home remedies for flies that save us the hassle of chemical insect sprays. We’ll show you how you can get rid of those annoying pests without harming the environment and your health.

Flies on food are not only annoying, they can also transmit diseases.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Pexels)

If flies settle on your freshly prepared cheese bread, it is not only annoying, but also unsanitary. Who knows where she was before? After all, food, rubbish, compost and excrement are among her favorite breeding grounds. A housefly can lay up to 1000 eggs in its only three-week life – enough time to still become a real nuisance. We’ll show you how to prevent or use natural home remedies to get them to flee.

Fragrances as a home remedy for flies

Essential oils keep insects away.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Counseling)

There are certain scents that insects don’t like. You can also use these to drive flies away.

 There are two options:

  • Essential oils: If you are not given a green thumb or the effort is too great, you can also declare the fight against the flies with essential oils or scented pillows. Simply drop a few drops of lavender or eucalyptus oil (e.g. at **) in the fragrance lamp (e.g. at **) or on a scented pillow and not only the flies will flee in no time, but also other annoying insects.

Distribute preventive measures instead of houseflies

Leftovers, dirty dishes and half-full juice glasses not only attract flies.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Chefkeem)

It is best, of course, not to let flies come into the apartment at all, or at least to prevent them from multiplying. There are several preventive measures that are easy to follow:

  • Mosquito nets: the most reliable means against insects of all kinds are fly screens. These can be integrated when you buy a window or balcony door or can be retrofitted as a door, sliding door or curtain (e.g. at **). 
  • leftovers: Leftovers, half-full juice glasses and non-packaged food are irresistible attractants for flies. Therefore, especially in the summer months, always make sure that nothing is left open.
  • Rotting fruit is a welcome breeding ground for flies because of the moisture it creates. They lay their eggs in it. The first larvae can hatch at room temperature. Therefore, always check fruit bowls for rotten fruit and dispose of them immediately.
  • Trashcan: Especially in the warm season, you should empty the trash can at shorter intervals. The food disposed of in it also begins to stink and the smell attracts flies. Even better is a trash can that can be closed airtight.

If nothing else helps: build a fly trap

If the population has already grown too large to be contained by the above measures, you can build your own fly catcher using natural means. But you should also be aware that the insects die as a result.

For an adhesive trap you need:

  • several approximately two to three centimeters wide strips of firmer newspaper
  • some honey
  • a brush
  • a punch
  • line

And this is how you build the fly trap:

  1. First you punch a hole at the top of the paper strip and thread a string through it, with which you can later attach the fly catcher to the wall.
  2. Then carefully spread a little honey on the paper with a brush. The layer should only be very thin so that nothing drips later. The flies are attracted by the sweet smell and stick to them when trying to land.

Do you know working live traps for houseflies? Then we look forward to your tips in the comments!

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