Rubbing alcohol – application and effects for muscle and joint problems

Rubbing alcohol - application and effects for muscle and joint problems

Franzbranntwein are especially known to sports enthusiasts because of their circulation-enhancing effect. Older people also appreciate the home remedy for joint pain. We reveal what you need to consider when using it.

Up until about the early 18th century, rubbing alcohol was the term for all spirits made from wine and its remains. Since the production mainly took place in France, the name is made up of "Franz" and "Brandy".

Rubbing alcohol: ingredients and effects

Leaf of the camphor tree: ingredient for rubbing alcohol.
(Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay / SIXTY)

Rubbing alcohol consists of pure alcohol (ethanol). This is e.g. B. mixed with camphor, menthol, spruce needle or mountain pine oil. The liquid is colorless and smells of fir forest. 

  • Rubbing alcohol is used for rubbing in aching, tension, Muscle and joint pain or just for a massage.
  • The ingredient camphor improves the blood circulation in the painful area.
  • At first, rubbing alcohol feels cool on the skin. By rubbing in, however, you can generate the necessary heat to relax the painful areas and bring the active ingredient to its destination.
  • In addition, it is also advisable to treat the affected areas with heat, for example with a Kirschkernkissen or a hot water bottle.

When is the best time to use rubbing alcohol?

Rub rubbing alcohol into the affected area about twice a day. There are a few things to consider:

  • The alcohol in the skin can dry out faster, especially in older people. Therefore you should also do this home remedies use only in moderation.
  • Critics are also of the opinion that the application does promote blood circulation, but draws the blood from another area, which is then less well supplied with blood.
  • At low temperatures, the body’s own protective function is also overridden: the skin’s blood vessels no longer contract due to the treatment in order to avoid heat loss.

tip: The best way to use rubbing alcohol is therefore only after exercising or after a demanding job.

Where can I buy rubbing alcohol?

You can buy rubbing alcohol in any drugstore and pharmacy. Even in some supermarkets it can now be found in the personal care and health sector. He is often accompanied by additional ones medicinal plants enriched like arnica or horse chestnut.

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