Foodwatch launches hygiene portal - how clean is your favorite restaurant?

In Germany, food companies are regularly checked, but the results are rarely published. Foodwatch and FragdenStaat are now publishing the results of food controls on their new platform Topf Secret – and want to make the state rethink as well.

Most food companies work clean – but at least they do every fourth inspectors have something to complain about. According to people, "violations of hygiene regulations" are the most common reason. As a rule, consumers do not know which companies are affected. You can inquire with the state about a particular restaurant, bar or similar – but the authorities usually take their time with the answer.

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Foodwatch - almost every second food warning is delayed

An investigation by the consumer protection organization Foodwatch shows that the state website often provides information about company food recalls too late or not at all. In the past, this also included life-threatening food contaminants.

Glass slices in cucumber jar, plastic particles in Nasi Goren, fipronil in eggs – the state platform informs consumers about food recalls. So can you trust the portal? Foodwatch has now taken a closer look at the page and analyzed over 90 product recalls and product warnings. The investigation, which is available to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, shows: The site reports on almost every second recall with a delay – or not at all.

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Food waste - let's stop the madness

From the field or from the plate straight into the bin: Food waste is a big problem. To finally curb waste, we have to keep a different eye on things – and change our behavior ourselves.

We live in abundance. We eat what we want and when we want. The shelves in the supermarkets are always full, almost all groceries are available anytime, anywhere. What spoils, has expired or remains ends up in the garbage – on average (according to a 2018 publication by the Society for Consumer Research) that is 55 kg of food per person per year. A new calculation by the University of Stuttgart even comes to 85.2 kg. About half of it would be avoidable.

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Foodtopia - this restaurant does something against wasting resources

The Spanish restaurant "Foodtopia 1800W" has set itself the goal of reducing the ecological footprint of its guests. This should be achieved with energy-efficient cooking, regional food and containers that you have brought with you.

If you pay attention to sustainability when eating, you often have to give your green conscience to the cloakroom in the restaurant. Very few restaurants only use ecological products or pay attention to regional and seasonal foods.

A restaurant in the south-east of Spain shows how it can work: The "Foodtopia 1800W" in Murcia makes restaurant visits as resource-saving as possible. The meals consist mostly of local, organically grown food and the cooks traditional recipes in the foreground. Foodtopia does not serve anything that has been transported too long.

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Foodsharing - like foodsaver foodsharer actively saving food from the trash

Food waste is a big problem in our affluent society. For more than three years, the foodsharing association has been successfully ensuring that we throw away less food. We spoke to co-founder Raphael Fellmer.

Two packed shopping carts: Each of us throws away so much food each year. Supermarkets produce large amounts of organic waste, but it is also private households that throw away a lot of food.

The voluntarily operated internet platform organizes the rescue and distribution of surplus but still edible food. Since the start almost three and a half years ago, almost five million kilos of food have been saved in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Food startups - does the world really need that?

You might think that food startups always work with the same ingredients: a dose of entrepreneurship, a dash of innovation and, at best, a good pinch of idealism. But even with green food startups, it pays to question meaning and nonsense.

They want to "rethink chocolate" or create food for the "go-for-good-food-but-don’t-want-to-cook" moments. And they consider it a rebellious act to sell breakfast cereals for children with less sugar – representatives of the German food startup scene like to outdo each other with their declared missions.

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Food scanner from fraunhofer recognizes shelf life

Millions of tons of actually good food end up in the garbage in Germany alone. A handy and affordable food scanner from the Fraunhofer Institute will soon change that.

Many foods end up in waste, even though they are still edible. With a mobile food scanner, consumers and also retailers or supermarket operators should be able to check in future whether food can still be placed on the market safely – and thus reduce food waste.

The pocket-sized device uses infrared measurement to determine the degree of ripeness and shelf life of vegetables, fruit and the like, and displays the result using an app.

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Fondue sauces - three tasty ideas

Tasty sauces should not be missing from an extensive fondue. These three recipes are quick and make your mouth and mouth water.

The traditional fondue is originally from France and means something like "melted". Bite-sized bites are dipped in melted cheese in the classic way. Nowadays, fondues with melted chocolate instead of cheese also come under this name.

The following three sauces are the perfect addition to the classic cheese and taste (almost) everyone! By the way: cheese fondue not only tastes good with meat – try different wholemeal breads and vegetables instead. From mushrooms to zucchini, there are no limits.

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Fondue side dishes - delicious ideas for vegetarians and vegans

Here you can get ideas for classic and unusual fondue side dishes. These delicious dishes should not be missing at any social evening or festive occasion!

Side dishes for a classic cheese fondue

The term “fondue” comes from the French and means “melted”. Traditionally, a fondue consists of a melted cheese sauce with white wine and kirsch, garlic and pepper is refined. You traditionally dip white and wholemeal bread in this sauce. If you want, you can roast it crispy in the pan beforehand.

Since this main ingredient is already very rich, you should look at the fondue side dishes lighter fare To fall back on. For example, the following are suitable:

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Make fondant yourself - simple recipe for beautiful cakes

Making fondant yourself belongs to the premier class of baking, but also to the greatest fear of many hobby bakers. We’ll show you two recipes, as well as tips and tricks for making the sugar mass.

Make tips on fondant yourself

Fondant regularly brings hobby bakers to despair. It is not only the shaping of the sugar mass that requires experience and sensitivity, the production also has its pitfalls. However, with a few effective tips and tricks, you can easily make fondant yourself:

  • Be sure to sift the powdered sugar well before you process it! Small lumps of sugar ruin the homogeneous mass of fondant.
  • Knead the fondant long and well with lightly oiled hands! This makes the mass supple and elastic and is easier to process.
  • Make sure that both the cake and fondant are at room temperature when processing. So get both out of time fridge or let the cake cool completely immediately after baking!
  • If your fondant becomes hard and brittle, you can try placing it over a water bath (or in the microwave) to reheat to make it supple again.

Recipe for beginners: marshmallow fondant

With marshmallows, you can make smooth fondant quickly and easily. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / pixel2013)

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