Research - fair sustainable children's clothing made of wool

The young Berlin children’s label Forschur “loots” second-hand shops – and sews chic children’s clothing from discarded wool sweaters. We present the sustainable unique pieces made of merino, wool, cashmere and silk.

"We love clothes made of natural hair, no other fabric is so comfortable to wear," said Nina Krake and Tabea Börner from Forschur. Wool regulates body temperature, has self-cleaning properties, is easy to care for – and the children are well dressed, say the mothers of a total of four children.

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Researcher discovers plastic-eating caterpillars

A researcher at the Spanish research institute CSIC has discovered a caterpillar that is able to eat and digest plastic. The find could be a breakthrough in the fight against plastic waste.

The caterpillar of the Great Wax Moth usually feeds on honey and wax in beehives. Now it turned out: It can also eat polyethylene – and thus break down the plastic, which is actually not biodegradable.

The scientist Federica Bertocchini found out by accident that the caterpillar eats plastic. The researcher is also a hobby beekeeper; one day she removed worms from her beehives and threw them into a plastic bag. When she came back to the bag later everything was full of worms. "They had escaped from the plastic bag even though it was closed and when I checked it I saw that the bag was full of holes. There was only one explanation: the worms had made the holes, ”says Bertocchini.

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Researchers are safe - there is one thing we have to do to stop climate change

A Swiss team of researchers found that in order to meet the climate target of 1.5 degrees, we have to do one thing above all: plant trees. According to your calculations, new forests could bind two thirds of our CO2 emissions.

By planting trees, we can bind CO2 – that’s nothing new. (ETH) Zurich, however, trees can counteract climate change more effectively than previously thought.

Because: On earth there would be space for a third of the current forest area. Cities or agricultural areas would not be affected by this, the researchers wrote in the scientific journal Science. That would be an additional 900 million hectares of forest and would correspond to an area the size of the USA.

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Researchers have found microplastics in the high mountains

It is becoming increasingly clear how big our plastic problem really is: Swiss researchers have even found microplastics in the high mountains – in remote areas where no one lives. But how does the plastic get there??

Microplastics float in the oceans, but it is also becoming a problem on land. Scientists at the University of Bern have now been able to prove that even supposedly untouched areas are contaminated with plastic.

For their study the geographers took soil samples from 29 areas in Switzerland. They focused on floodplains, i.e. environments near rivers and streams. All of the areas examined were also nature reserves. The result of the analyzes: The researchers found 26 of the 29 soils examined MikroPlastik. Only three samples were not contaminated with it.

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Promotion for the electric car 2019 - the premium will be increased

Funding for the electric car: Whoever buys an electric car, a plug-in hybrid or a hydrogen vehicle in Germany in 2019 can collect up to 4,000 euros. Utopia tells you what you need to know.

With the electric car premium (officially: environmental bonus to promote electromobility), the Federal Government wanted to increase the number of electric cars in Germany to half a million by the end of June 2019. That will fail. The bonus pot, which was filled with premiums for 300,000 vehicles three years ago, has by no means emptied itself: by January 31, 2019, no 100,000 applications had been received by the responsible Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (Bafa). There is still a lot of money to be fetched – also because politics overslept the (climate) change.

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A team of researchers is developing a hormonal contraceptive for women that can be worn as jewelry – it should be “appealing” and “discreet”. But this approach is going in the wrong direction. A comment.

Swallow pills, insert rings, put condoms on – contraception can be so annoying! But there is a new light on the hormone horizon: "Family planning for women could one day be as easy as putting on an earring," promises. The scientists are currently working on a contraceptive that no longer looks like a drug, but comes as a chic lifestyle accessory.

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Researcher - dodgeball is legalized bullying - 3 social alternatives

Many German sports classes play dodgeball. But now a Canadian research team has sharply criticized the game: It is a tool of "oppression", "dehumanizing" and "equating to legalized bullying". We present better alternatives.

"Dodgeball is synonymous with legalized bullying," educationalist Joy Butler told Canadian broadcaster CBC. As reported, Butler and her team surveyed students ages 12 to 15 generally about physical education. They heard one complaint again and again: Many students hated dodgeball. Some students interviewed even found the game to be "oppressive" and "dehumanizing".

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Formaldehyde - you need to know that about the fabric in furniture and color

Formaldehyde is found in many plastic furniture and objects, but is considered carcinogenic. We explain why the substance is so dangerous and what it is all about.

Formaldehyde – what is it?

Formaldehyde is a stinging gas that is processed into plastics or is contained in various products as a binder. As a rule, we cannot smell formaldehyde, because only in high doses can the human nose perceive the gas. If the concentration is so strong, health effects can already be felt.

The problem: formaldehyde continuously evaporates from the products and is a health risk. Because studies have now shown that can. Already the one to affect health.

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Researchers believe that there will be more heat waves due to climate change in the future – and that this development could result in thousands of heat deaths.

Summer is hot: July broke heat records at 72 of the 118 locations where the German Weather Service (DWD) measures temperatures. For some, the summer feeling is pure, for others unbearable torment. Researchers assume that due to climate change, both the number of heat waves and the temperatures will increase during these periods. But what effects does this heat actually have on our health??

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Foodwatch warns - carcinogenic arsenic in baby food

The consumer organization Foodwatch has examined various baby foods with rice – and found arsenic in all products. Arsenic is not completely avoidable in rice, but some manufacturers are significantly more polluted.

Foodwatch tested a total of 18 rice products for babies. Also included were rice waffles and rice flakes for baby porridge from Alnatura, Bebivita, dm, Hipp, Holle, Rossmann and Sunval. The result: All 18 products were given inorganic arsenic – however, the exposure was different.

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