Fighting extinction - this project aims to prevent the 6th mass extinction

Fighting extinction: The initiative wants biodiversity to be included in the Basic Law. You can find out why this is a good idea and how you can support the project here.

Fighting extinction: biodiversity needs a legal basis

With the Fighting Extinction project, there could again be more biodiversity at the edges of the fields. (Photo: CC0 / pixabay / TanteTati)

The initiative calls for the protection of species in the Basic Law – which in German means "fight against the 6th mass extinction".

That regulates as the highest German law constitutional rights, that apply to our life together in Germany. Politicians and judges are required to ensure these fundamental rights of society.

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Fillthebottle-challenge - finally a sensible internet trend - with a little hook

Challenges on Instagram, Twitter and other social media can do a lot – for good and for bad. Currently, a challenge has been won under the hashtag #FilltheBottle, which is supposed to free the environment from cigarette butts. 

The principle of the # FilltheBottle Challenge (“Fill the Bottle Challenge”) is simple: Collect cigarette butts on the way, put them in a bottle and upload a photo of the full bottle to social networks. On Instagram alone you can find more than 3,500 posts under the hashtag.

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Fiji-water - we don't like the secret big-bang-theory-star at all

Water in plastic bottles is bad for the environment and mostly unnecessary. Nevertheless, companies use clever marketing tricks to sell their bottled water at a high price. Fiji-Wasser’s strategy is particularly sophisticated: the water can be seen in numerous series and films – and not just in Big Bang Theory.

Fiji water is probably the epitome of everything that is wrong with our use of water. It is expensive, transported halfway around the world and sold in plastic bottles – and is still extremely popular. Because it comes from a source of the remote Fiji island "Vidi Levu" in the South Pacific, it should be particularly pure and healthy, at least the manufacturer claims. One has a proud price for it: A liter of Fiji water costs around 3.50 euros.

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Filament led 2019 - disadvantages of vintage lights

Filament LEDs are bright, affordable, durable and also save money and energy. With their classic filament look, they also create a pleasant retro atmosphere. And of course also for good and cheap light!

But what are filament LEDs anyway? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of fashionable glowworms?

Are you looking for particularly well-rated filament LEDs? Then jump straight to the .

Filament LED: modern technology meets retro optics

Many LED lamps look similar to the old light bulbs. But when you turn it on, you see the lamp glass as a solid, matt white light body. Although this ensures uniform bright light, it can also have a cold and technical effect and remind of the neon lights in the office. Not everyone wants to hang such a light fixture in their living room – and is therefore still looking for incandescent or halogen lamps.

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