Liquid shower gel without garbage – the start-up nada has invented one for self-mixing

Liquid shower gel without garbage - the start-up nada has invented one for self-mixing

Zero waste in the bathroom sometimes fails due to impractical products. The start-up "nada – simply care" has a completely new idea for the shower: a powder made from vegetable washing substances for self-mixing. But the company still needs crowdfunding support.

Soap for hair and body has not yet been able to gain widespread acceptance: most people still use liquid shampoo and shower gel. It has a pleasant consistency, foams vigorously, smells – and unfortunately is almost always in a plastic bottle.

Vegan organic natural cosmetics in more sustainable packaging

A completely new approach to avoid this packaging waste from cosmetics comes from the start-up "nada – simply care": Melissa Spoden and her mother developed a vegan organic powder from natural washing substances and nourishing substances. The idea: add the main ingredient water later – to reduce shower gel and shampoo to its essence.

In concrete terms, the whole thing works like this: At home, you need either your own or the ever reusable bottle from nada, which is made from recycled plastic. In it, mix the powdered shower gel, which is packed in a pyramid made of non-petroleum-based film, with warm water – 40 grams of powder result in 200 ml of finished shower shampoo for skin and hair. This should foam and care just as nicely as other liquid products.

This turns the powder from "nada" into a liquid shower shampoo. (Photo: © Désirée Spoden)

The crowdfunding campaign runs until June 11th

The name "nada" means "nothing" in Spanish. Accordingly, the product does not contain anything critical, such as microplastics, silicones, parabens, palm oil, petroleum products or animal products – and should not leave contaminated water behind. The founder gives detailed information about the ingredients in. She describes the fragrance as a "subtle mix of orange, lemon and a hint of lavender".

Nada is not yet a certified natural cosmetic – because the first large production is not yet financed. As soon as the funding goal is reached, nothing stands in the way of a COSMOS certification, according to the start-up, since the ingredients and manufacture comply with the guidelines. The crowdfunding campaign runs until June 11th. and secure the first pyramids for you – before they make it into the organic food range.

The advantages: "climate-positive showers" and zero waste

The shower powder is an innovative solution that manages to combine liquid shower shampoo and the absence of petroleum-based plastic. The pyramid weighs just 40 grams – less than a fifth of a shampoo in a plastic bottle that weighs around 250 grams including packaging. This not only saves packaging waste, but also CO2 emissions during transport. The founder explains that the decision in favor of the material for the refillable bottle was made from recycled plastic due to the risk of an accident, which harbors glass in the bathroom.

The foil for the pyramid, in which the powder is packed, consists of corn starch. According to nada, it is fully compostable and can be disposed of in organic waste. However, corn-based plastic rots very slowly, which is why waste management companies cannot use it. In our opinion, the plant-based plastic therefore belongs better in the residual waste where it is burned.

In the end, nada could look something like this – but the final design is not yet available. (Photo: © nada)

Avoid plastic waste in cosmetics: other solutions

In the meantime, awareness of the problem of packaging waste in the cosmetics industry has happily increased. Some manufacturers now offer refill systems to avoid waste. Others at least consistently rely on old plastic or other, more sustainable materials.

The simplest solution, especially for shampoo and shower gel, is to choose a solid product: hair soaps and natural soaps for the body are available in many (online) shops without packaging. Simply leaving out the water during production and mixing the liquid cosmetics yourself is a pleasant alternative to care products in plastic bottles. Especially for people who do not get warm with the solid products, nada expands the spectrum of possibilities for a zero-waste bath.

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