Fresh look – fairphone 2 with slim case four new colors

Fresh look - fairphone 2 with slim case four new colors

The Fairphone 2 gets a slim case: This makes the back cover, the interchangeable back of the phone, which also serves as a protective cover, thinner and more visually appealing and is available in four different colors.

The integrated back cover of the Fairphone 2, which protects against falls and bumps, has been fundamentally revised. The new "slim case" is now thinner and makes the entire phone appear more delicate and high-quality. In addition, the new back cover is easier to detach from the smartphone and re-attach due to the two-part construction.

Customers who buy a new Fairphone 2 have been receiving the new cover since the end of 2016. Existing users can reorder the slim case if their existing one is defective. The price for a clim cover is between 30 and 40 euros.

  • To have on (29.75 euros, plus approx. 11 euros shipping, payment fee if applicable)
  • In Germany also with (34.90 euros, approx. 2.90 euros shipping, payment fee if applicable)

Slim Case: a new back cover for the Fairphone 2

The new slim case is available in four colors indigo, turquoise, coral and White – The look of the device can be changed inexpensively without having to buy a completely new phone.

Indigo, turquoise, coral red and white: new colors of the Fairphone 2 slim case (photo © below)

According to rumors, there are now further updates on the program that are possible for the Dutch smartphone pioneers thanks to the modular structure – for example an improved camera module. Information about this is expected in the coming months. Read also: New camera, Android 6, Ubuntu.

Utopia thinks: A slim case to change? On a smartphone that wants to be more sustainable, this is of course actually pretty superfluous. On the other hand, the back cover of this modular smartphone also serves as a protective cover, so it does a lot. The first smartphone was also rather bulky due to the somewhat rough back cover – if the Fairphone 2 can inspire new customers thanks to the new slim case, then that’s good for moving fairer electronics.

[Update:] In the meantime we have the slim case in coral red and find it very successful. It is colorful, looks more valuable and the rubber edge sits better and much straighter. The slim case is now in two parts, making it easier to disassemble and assemble the fair smartphone. However, 30 to 40 euros are a proud price. Our advice: take the slim case when buying a new one, But if you already have an FP2, you don’t need a second cover – that’s not sooo slim.

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