Freelance authors wanted – come to utopia

Freelance authors wanted - come to utopia

Utopia is looking for freelance authors for advice texts: Would you like to accompany people on their way to more sustainability? Then apply now! 

The scarcer the resources, the more important it becomes to deal with people, animals and nature – regardless of whether it is about climate change, regional food, fair clothing or future-oriented technologies. Utopia has been providing information about this for years, making a contribution to a more sustainable society. Do you want to support us? Then apply now!

We are looking for hobby authors, students and part-time copywriters who write useful articles for Utopia. We want to be very close to the reader and his everyday needs. And arouse curiosity for the unknown. 

Your articles should be signposts, motivate them to continue and make the journey a little easier based on your experiences.

You should bring the following with you:

  1. Experience with texts, confident style and very good spelling.
  2. Enjoyment of useful topics related to nutrition, health, household and family.
  3. Interest in home remedies, do it yourself and sustainable consumption.
  4. Ideally, first experience in writing online texts.
  5. Free time of at least 10 hours a month.

And with what we accompany you?

  1. We work you in intensively, are in close contact with you and are always there for your questions.
  2. From a varied pool of topics, you choose the topics that really interest you.
  3. Every article is paid for. The respective fee can be seen before the topic is assigned.
  4. You type your articles directly into a newly developed CMS (content management system), which leads you in an uncomplicated and time-saving manner from the selection of topics to the submission of the article.
  5. We value appreciation and working in partnership.
  6. You get exclusive insight into the further development of Utopia and can bring your own ideas.

Did we awaken your desire to travel? Then come to us in Utopia! Just send us a short curriculum vitae, a short letter of motivation and any text samples .

We look forward to you!

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