France – until 2040 ban on diesel and petrol cars

France - until 2040 ban on diesel and petrol cars

France wants to introduce a ban on petrol and diesel cars: no later than 2040, petrol or diesel cars should no longer be allowed to be sold in France.

France is serious: the country wants to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars by 2040 at the latest. This was announced by France’s Minister of the Environment Hulot in Paris on Thursday. The ban is part of a climate protection plan that Hulot presented on Thursday. The move is a "true" revolution, says Hulot.

As reported by, Hulot also announced a “transition premium” for low-income households. The bonus is intended to help them replace older cars with more environmentally friendly vehicles. Hulot has not yet announced how high the premium will be.

No more petrol and diesel cars in France from 2040?

Hulot admitted that the ban was a major challenge for automakers. However, French manufacturers in particular already have solutions “in their drawers,” quotes the French environment minister.

With the ban, all gasoline and diesel cars will not immediately disappear from France’s roads in 2040. Over the years, however, electric cars will gradually push old petrol and diesel vehicles off the streets.

Comprehensive climate protection plan for France

Hulot announced further measures when the climate protection plan was presented. Among other things, numerous buildings are to be renovated in the next few years. The climate protection plan is intended to help France fulfill its commitments to combat climate change.

France is not alone with its climate protection program – even if the ban on petrol and diesel cars is probably the most comprehensive measure to date. In Germany, some cities are planning to ban diesel cars, such as Stuttgart and Munich.

Away from diesel and petrol, to an electric car

Some car manufacturers are also gradually saying goodbye to the old diesel air polluters. Audi and BMW want to convert hundreds of thousands of diesel cars to the Euro 6 emissions standard. Volvo even goes one step further: The Swedish carmaker announced on Wednesday that it will only produce cars with purely electric or at least hybrid drives from 2019.

Utopia thinks: It has long been time to switch to electromobility. Air pollution in large cities is regularly far too high for air measurements and exceeds limit values ​​- road traffic contributes significantly to the high pollution levels. That France now wants to ban gasoline and diesel cars will force the auto industry to invest more in the development of hybrid and electric cars.

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