France prohibits the keeping of orcas and dolphins

France prohibits the keeping of orcas and dolphins

France has passed a new law prohibiting the keeping of dolphins and orcas. This is the end of the animal shows in water parks.

Animal rights activists cheer: In France, dolphins and orcas are no longer allowed to be kept in captivity. This establishes a new law that came into force on Saturday.

However, the law does not yet affect dolphins and orcas that are already in captivity. The water parks can still keep these animals. But at least the new regulation brings some improvements for them too. The pools have to be at least 150 percent larger so that the marine mammals have more space. The parks and aquariums may no longer treat the water in the pools with chlorine. The law also prohibits direct contact between visitors and animals.

Victory for animal welfare

Originally, the law should only set stricter breeding rules for captive sea animals. As previously reported, French Environment Minister Ségolène Royal learned beforehand that the water parks sometimes "drug" their animals to keep them calm. As a result, the Ministry of the Environment decided to make the law more "radical".

France prohibits the keeping of orcas and dolphins. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain /

Animal and marine protection organizations see a historic victory in the new regulations. With the law there is an end to the animal shows in water parks. If the parks are no longer allowed to breed or catch dolphins and orcas, they will soon lack the main characters for their shows.

Rethinking in water parks

Overall, a rethinking seems to be taking place. Only last year decided to keep his dolphins in a water protection area instead of in pools. announced that it would no longer offer orca shows and that it would no longer purchase new orcas. Despite everything, there are still too many water parks and aquariums in the world where large marine animals such as dolphins, sharks or whales live in cramped and unsuitable conditions.


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