France bans plastic tableware

France bans plastic tableware

Plastic cutlery and crockery may come in handy on the go or at a garden party – but it creates a frightening amount of unnecessary garbage. To protect the environment, France is now banning plastic cups, dishes and cutlery.

Admittedly, red wine or coffee from plastic cups doesn’t taste particularly good. Nevertheless, more than 4.5 billion plastic cups are used in France every year – and thrown away. France now wants to declare war on this immense amount of waste.

Banished: plastic dishes and plastic bags

The new initiative in terms of climate protection is part of the French energy transition law "Energy Transition for Green Growth" () and is to apply from 2020. In just under four years, the French should only use porcelain or biodegradable materials for their food and drink.

After free plastic bags were already banned in France in July 2016, the thin plastic bags for fruit and vegetables will also be removed from the market in 2017.

France has drawn attention to itself several times in the past with laws and regulations for more sustainability:

Will plastic bags soon be a thing of the past? (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Cocoparisienne)

Avoid plastic, so it works

There is also a lot going on in plastic in Germany. Since June of this year, many large retailers have been charging a fee for plastic bags. A first assessment shows that consumption is falling sharply. The supermarket chain Rewe has already completely abolished plastic bags, Lidl now wants to follow suit. In future, it will be increasingly called “jute bags instead of plastic bags”. And in everyday life we ​​can do a lot more to avoid plastic:

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