Foamie – firm shampoo at dm with a new formula

Foamie - firm shampoo at dm with a new formula

Fixed shampoos from Foamie have been available at the DM drugstore chain for a long time – now the manufacturer has reworked the shampoo pieces and offers them in a new design. We took a closer look at the new shampoos.

Given the dramatic scale of plastic waste pollution worldwide, many consumers are looking for alternatives to plastic products – including shampoos & Co.

Hair soaps and firm shampoos are therefore trendy. And in principle they are a good idea: The solid soap bars often work almost without (plastic) packaging and are very economical so that they can help to save packaging waste.

In April 2018, the trend also came to DM: the popular drugstore chain took firm shampoos from the brand Foamie into the range – and for a year now has also been offering firm shampoos from the Alverde brand in natural cosmetic quality.

Fixed shampoos by Foamie in a new design

The Foamie shampoos are now available in a new design and design. We took a close look at the shampoos.

The Munich brand building agency New Flag is behind the Foamie brand. In addition to the firm shampoos, Foamie sells shower sponges with integrated soap.

The shampoo pieces are available from DM in three versions: for normal hair, for damaged hair and for dry hair. A piece of shampoo (80 grams) costs € 4.95.

The application writes the following:

  • Hold under running water
  • Rub between hands to create foam or apply directly to hair
  • Spread evenly in the hair
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Hang to dry

The last point is the decisive novelty: Instead of the plastic shampoo bag as before, the shampoo pieces now come with an integrated loop made of cotton. In addition, they are shaped differently than before; Instead of the usual oval soap shape, the foam shampoos are narrower at both ends – the manufacturer writes that the curved design is “adapted to the head” and makes “handling super easy”.

Improved ingredients – but it can be done even better

According to the manufacturer, the shampoos are vegan and are made without animal testing. They are produced in Germany and are free of mineral oils, PEG, parabens, silicones and lilial. The latter is a particularly questionable fragrance.

This means that the foam shampoos are firstly significantly better than many conventional shampoos and secondly better than the original version. Last year they still contained PEG / PEG derivatives and now do without these controversial surfactants. The petroleum product paraffin is also no longer used in the new recipe.

If you take a closer look at the ingredients, you will only notice a few problematic ingredients:

  • Disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate is a surfactant of synthetic origin. Natural cosmetics, on the other hand, only use surfactants of natural origin – in Alverde’s solid shampoo, for example based on coconut oil.
  • Several names ("Cetearyl Alcohol", "Hydrogenated Vegetable Glycerides", "Palmitic Acid", "Stearic Acid") are almost certainly palm oil or palm oil derivatives. Where vegetable oils are processed, palm oil is mostly used in care products because it is versatile and cheap – but often comes from destructive cultivation.
  • Unfortunately, we do not know exactly what is behind “perfume” – however, this is a general problem in care and cosmetic products. (Read more: How to read the "Ingredients" list of cosmetics correctly)
  • The only doubtful change: the shampoos now contain dyes; none were included before the redesign.

Utopia thinks: We generally think that DM offers firm shampoos – as a sign against the packaging craze. It is also nice that the products contain less problematic ingredients than many conventional shampoos and that the manufacturer has improved the recipe. Too bad that there are still some dubious ingredients in Foamie. Other manufacturers show that it can be done even better: Certified natural cosmetics contain even less questionable ingredients.

DM, for example, shows that this is possible with the firm’s own-brand shampoos in natural cosmetic quality – and these manufacturers of hair soaps: Hair soaps in the test: This is how washing hair works without shampoo. However, hair soaps are not quite the same as firm shampoos; they do not use synthetic surfactants and are often also free of palm oil.

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