Flygskam – brilliant environmental trend from sweden

Flygskam - brilliant environmental trend from sweden

If you want to protect the environment and the climate, you should forego one thing above all: air travel. In Sweden, the plane boycott and the hashtag "Flygskam" is becoming a trend – thanks in part to a famous athlete.

Flygskam is made up of the Swedish words "flyg" and "skam" – "flight" and shame. So it’s about being ashamed of your air travel – and now choose other modes of transport. As the portal reports, the term could become the word of the year 2018 in Sweden.

The hashtag has emerged in the past weeks and months after several politicians and celebrities publicly declared that they would not travel by air. The most recent example: the former biathlete and Olympic champion Björn Ferry.

13,000 kilometers by train

Aircraft fuel is a burden on the climate. (Photo: CC0 Public Domain / Pixabay)

The Swedish public television wanted to hire the athlete as a commentator for the winter sports season. Ferry agreed – on one condition: he will not get on a plane.

As an expert commentator, however, Ferry has to travel to Norway, Slovenia and Italy, reports climate reporter. The former biathlete will now cover the distances by train – a total of at least 13,000 kilometers.

#flygskam and # jagstannarpåmarken

The television network accepted Björn Ferry’s condition. "If they had said no, I wouldn’t have done it," says Ferry, according to the climate reporter. For the longer journeys, he mainly wanted to use night trains. "Many find it idiotic. But some may also think: Damn what the ferry can do, I can do it too, ”climate reporter quotes the athlete.

And Ferry is not alone: ​​Even before the hashtag “flygskam”, “# jagstannarpåmarken” was trending in Sweden, which means “I stay on the ground”. Minister of Culture Alice Bah Kuhnke, among others, traveled by train to appointments in Paris, Cannes and Berlin in May. Other politicians followed their example.

Environmental trends from Sweden

Apparently, the trend is already showing its first effects: from January to September, airlines reported three percent fewer domestic air travel, reports climate reporters. The reverse is true for night trains: the route between Malmö and Stockholm, for example, was booked significantly more. Therefore, there should be new connections from December.

First "plogging", then "plalking" and now "Flygskam" – people in Sweden understand how to make environmental protection a social media trend. The hashtags describe comparatively simple actions, such as collecting rubbish or avoiding air travel. But they manage to inspire people to imitate – even outside of Sweden.

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