Flustix – new seal for products without plastic

Flustix - new seal for products without plastic

Those who want to protect the environment avoid plastic – but sometimes it’s not that easy. Plastic is not only in packaging, but also in cosmetics or cleaning agents. One company has a solution: a seal for plastic-free products.

Jute bags instead of plastic bags, tap water instead of disposable plastic bottles or yogurt in a glass instead of a mug – in many areas avoiding plastic is not that difficult. Things look different with clothing, cosmetics or cleaning agents and many other products.

It is often not so easy to tell whether a shampoo or a detergent contains plastic. hides behind complicated technical terms such as "polypropylene" or "polyethylene terephthalate". A general certificate for plastic-free products would make shopping a lot easier.

Products are examined for plastic

The company "Flustix" is currently developing such a certificate: "Our solution is simple: The Flustix seal distinguishes every product that does not require plastics," says the company’s website.

In order for a manufacturer to be able to use the certification, he must first have his product examined. Flustix certifies, among other things, cosmetics, food, toys, clothing, cleaning agents, technology or furniture.

Independent test laboratory analyzes the plastic content

In the first step, Flustix checks the goods and the associated packaging. The company then passes the respective product on to an independent test laboratory. The laboratory determines the exact plastic content. Flustix has teamed up with Wessling GmbH – a laboratory that also carries out analyzes for Stiftung Warentest.

The certificate is then awarded by RAL (German Institute for Quality Assurance and Labeling). RAL is also behind awards such as the Blue Angel. The products should also be regularly checked for plastic after certification.

When is a product free of plastic??

Flustix defines articles that contain less than 0.5 percent plastic as “plastic-free”. Actually, the seal should only apply to items that do not contain any plastics. However, contamination due to environmental influences or contamination in the manufacturing process cannot be completely ruled out, .

The goal of the Flustix certification: Avoid plastic waste before it even arises. The demand for plastic-free products is already high – the certification should now give companies even more incentive to replace plastic with alternative substances.

We come home with a mountain of packaging waste from almost every supermarket purchase. It is not difficult at all, plastic …

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Where can I find the Flustix certificate?

However, anyone looking for the Flustix seal in the supermarket will not find what they are looking for. So far, no product has been awarded the seal – but that could change soon: According to Flustix, several articles are currently in the testing process. So far, only products that are sold in Germany or Austria can be certified. However, Flustix plans to extend the certification to all of Europe.

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