Fjørt – the band that won’t let you listen

Fjørt - the band that won't let you listen

They want to start something loud, they said. But not only does FJØRT succeed with the finest post-hardcore. Their music conveys the feeling that you can take on the world – and we can use that well in Germany.

Nazis will speak in the German Bundestag for the first time in 70 years – this is how Federal Foreign Minister Gabriel described the impending situation shortly before the election. It was subsequently disputed whether this was factually correct. After all, there were some former NSDAP members who made political careers after 1945.

Rhetorically speaking, this is still perhaps the best sentence that a politician has said about Germany in 2017. It has condensed complex events in terms of location and time, making it tangible, which until then many people had felt as an uncomfortable feeling.

Unfortunately, politicians rarely succeed – unless they are populists. As is well known, they know how to mobilize people with words: they simplify the world, do not take the truth so exactly and play with the emotions of their listeners.

Perhaps that is why the feeling for resistance – meaning, of course, the one who does not want to accept the supposedly first Nazis in the Bundestag since 1945 – has to come from somewhere else, not from politics. And what would be better than music?

Don’t worry: After its difficult introduction, this text does not continue as a discussion of musical protest culture, for example from the Beatles to Rage against the Machine. That would certainly be attractive, but now is the time for FJØRT!

With attitude against the shadow

The Aachen trio has been making music together since 2012 and is assigned to post-hardcore. People who are unfamiliar with this genre should especially be prepared for the fact that the vocals do not usually sound the way you usually know them. In an interview, FJØRT said they wanted to do something "loud" – and they did it.

Laut describes not only the form of the song, but also its content. FJØRT’s lyrics are full of attitude, but not flat slogans, but of lyrical finesse. You could easily post an entire song text without being bored – and that’s what we’re doing now (almost):

They are now ready to repeat themselves
Chisel up your own life
With blood under the soles
The renaissance of neighbor hatred
From censorship
And they really want everything
For that they roar around here

I see people asking
Whether that’s really true
Because the pictures from back then were black and white and pixelated
And keep listening that everything will only work
If exists in step
Which is the same and from here

I’m so tired of counting
I had reasons to see black in 1933
But no matter how much there is
I have everything I need
Because the 1933 reasons, you have them too

This text belongs to the song “Raison” from FJØRT’s current record “Coleur”. If you want to experience some songs, including pictures and sound, we highly recommend the video to FJØRTs "". This is (like many videos of the band) a small work of art – a play with noise and silence, space and emptiness, light and shadow. FJØRT encounter the shadow that is coming up in Germany with incomprehension, indignation and the appeal to stand up – because we also have the 1933 reasons.

Come into the light now!

The song “Paroli” from the previous album “Kontakt” is another example of how FJØRT intones a feeling for resistance. "Hold on," it sounds at the beginning, "We agree that I won’t move a meter here", a little later. There is also a great one for this. This also shows how attitude at FJØRT permeates everything: text, tone, gestures – everything is one.

And so FJØRT manages to be what Nathan Gray from Boysetsfire recently called "". A band that “gives you this intensity, this love for music, the feeling that you can take on the world”. We need musicians who stand up and inspire young people to "be a better person and make the world around them a better place". In FJØRT’s words: "Come into the light now!".

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