Fitness equipment for at home – sport is also possible without plastic

Fitness equipment for at home - sport is also possible without plastic

  • Home fitness equipment: sport without plastic

    After the often more domestic holidays, many yearn for exercise. But be careful: for the new year!

    It is better to integrate regular sport into everyday life. We have found some fitness equipment for you at home – without plastic.

  • Underrated fitness equipment: the jump rope

    Skipping ropes are not just children’s toys: by alternately lifting and catching your entire body weight in the air, you trim both calf, abdominal and core muscles. The intensive training pays off: those who jump rope for half an hour burn an average of 400 calories.

    Unfortunately, the handle and rope on many models are made of plastic – but there are alternatives: at ** you can find handles with waxed beech wood, for example. The product is FSC-certified and only costs around 5 euros.

  • Racetrack neighborhood: plastic-free jogging shoes

    If you want to enjoy the winter landscape while jogging, you need good shoes. Fortunately, there are now sturdy sneakers made from sustainable materials.

    Mela sneakers, for example, are made primarily from organic cotton and natural rubber and are therefore easily recyclable. They are also the world’s first shoes to be certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). More recommended brands: These 10 labels make better sneakers

    Melawear sneakers cost around 90 euros and are available from and among others **.

  • Fitness machine for abdominal muscle training: the Ab Roller

    With the ‘Ab Roller’ from the Edelkraft sports brand, you primarily train your stomach, back and buttocks. To do this, sit on your knees, hold the wheel by the handles and lean on it. Now you roll forward and back in a controlled manner. If you support yourself on tiptoe instead of knees, the exercise becomes more intense.

    Unlike many other fitness equipment for at home, the ‘Ab Roller’ is primarily made of wood. This comes from Germany and is also processed here. The wheel is covered with a coating of natural rubber.

    It costs around 70 euros and is available, for example, from **.

  • Abdominal training at home: plastic-free exercise tires

    With gymnastics or hula hoops, you can train more muscles than you suspect. If you let the fitness device revolve around your body, you automatically perform strong hip movements – this strengthens the abdominal and core muscles and stimulates fat burning.

    The best thing: gymnastics tires are also made of wood. When buying, make sure that your tire was produced under fair conditions and preferably locally. Certificates such as FSC or PEFC guarantee that the wood used comes from sustainable forestry.

    For example, beechwood tires are available from 9 euros .

  • The Utopia leaderboards

    In the Utopia leaderboards you will find many alternatives to conventional products. Some examples:

  • Multifunctional fitness machine: beech wood trapeze

    A wooden stick, two ropes and countless functions: you can’t just do pull-ups on a trapeze. Also train your arms and abdominal muscles by lifting your legs to the so-called L-seat – or attach weights to the ropes and train your forearms.

    The wood of the handle comes from FSC-certified forestry in southern Germany, all parts of the fitness device were made in Germany. It costs around 40 euros and is available, for example, from **.

    More exercises: Back training: simple exercises for strong muscles

  • Yoga mat: exercise mindfulness and muscles at home

    Yoga can help against stress, depression, sleep disorders, high blood pressure and obesity. It’s not just about stretching and endurance exercises, but also about living positive, relaxed and mindful.

    Unfortunately, many popular yoga mats are made of PVC and contain plasticizers or carcinogenic substances. Reason enough to invest a little more in a sustainable model made from new wool felt and FSC-certified natural rubber. You can find these ** from approx. 70 euros for example at .

    Also take a look at this Yoga mats made of natural rubber, organic cotton or new wool

  • Practice pushups at home – with wooden handles

    With these wooden handles you can train your arms and abdominal muscles – and, among other things, do particularly intensive push-ups. The handles are made of solid beech and walnut wood. The bottom is covered with natural rubber feet so that the mini bars do not slip when you lean on them. In addition, the wooden handles don’t weigh much – so you can not only train at home, but take them with you wherever you go.

    Tip: Build the handles into your daily yoga practice. With this you can practice the handstand in detail.

    A few Wooden handles from Edelkraft costs around 65 euros and includes at Amazon available**.

  • Better fitness clothing for at home and on the go

    Before you shop for fitness outfits in the new year, you should ask yourself: Do I really need this? Because many manufacturers of sportswear use synthetic fibers based on petroleum. The substances are not biodegradable and often contain pollutants.

    If you do decide to buy new sportswear, then buy it from a better supplier: the label Nice to meet me (available in ** among others) produces beautiful running, fitness and yoga clothing made from recycled polyester and natural fibers. It is manufactured in a workshop in the Czech Republic, of course under fair working conditions.

    Other recommended manufacturers: Everything fit? There are better sports clothes here

  • Stainless steel drinking bottles for at home and on the go

    When you exercise, you can literally sweat it out – so you should drink enough fluids. With BPA-free drinking bottles in your luggage, you won’t forget that quickly, always have water on hand and don’t have to buy drinks in plastic bottles.

    The advantage of a plastic-free bottle: It contains no BPA and is easy to recycle.

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