Filter coffee – instructions and tips for really good coffee

Filter coffee - instructions and tips for really good coffee

Filter coffee is simple and ingenious: When properly prepared, it tastes delicious. All you need is a few accessories and a few minutes.

The times when doctors warned about coffee consumption seem to be over. In the meantime, there are even more and more that indicate that a moderate coffee consumption of three to four cups a day could have a positive effect on health. 

Properly prepared filter coffee also tastes good, especially if you take the time to prepare it. You don’t need a lot of accessories, just high-quality coffee beans, a grinder and a hand filter.

Main ingredient for filter coffee: coffee beans

With coffee beans, you should pay attention to quality and fair growing conditions.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Alexas_Fotos)

For really good filter coffee, it is worth buying a coffee grinder and buying whole beans that you grind in portions. Because already ground coffee quickly loses its aroma. High-quality mechanical hand mills are already available for less than 50 euros in stores or online ** or **.

The most common coffees are Arabica and Robusta. They differ both in appearance and in cultivation as well as in taste. Arabica bean coffee tastes finer and less bitter than Robusta coffee. It also contains less acid and is therefore considered more digestible. Robusta beans contain more caffeine and the coffee brewed from them gets a caramel note if you add a little sugar. In this country you usually get Arabica beans or blends, since Arabica coffee is more popular with us and is considered to be of higher quality.

No matter whether Arabica or Robusta – the main thing fair Trade: With coffee, you should make sure that it has been traded fairly, since conventional cultivation is often environmentally harmful and the workers are exploited on many plantations. Take a look at ours Leaderboard of fair trade coffees.

The right filter for filter coffee

Coffee beans, grinder and filter: You need that for delicious filter coffee.
(Photo: Leonie Barghorn / Utopia)

Of course, you also need a filter for filter coffee. There are various forms, from hand filters to coffee machines with filter inserts. A hand filter plastic you can get it for around two euros. But it is worth it, a few euros more for one Porcelain or ceramic filters issue. It is best to choose a filter size that is also sufficient for several cups of coffee – then you are flexible.

In the meantime there are also various coffee filters reusable materials: coffee filter made of stainless steel do not need an additional paper filter. They are reusable and recyclable and therefore a good alternative to plastic filters. You can find them, for example, in the household goods department, at the coffee shop or online ** at . or

Cotton filters are also practical, especially when traveling: here you have the filter holder and the filter in one, thereby saving paper waste. For example, you can find cheap cotton filters at **.

In just a few steps to filter coffee

If you use a stainless steel filter for your filter coffee, you also do not have to use paper filters – this means less waste.
(Photo: Utopia / Katharina Schmidt)

Now all you have to do is prepare the filter coffee. We explain how to brew it with the hand filter:

  1. Set a medium grind on your coffee grinder. You can tell later whether the degree of grinding is suitable when brewing the coffee. If the coffee is watery, you may have ground it too coarsely, but if it is bitter and very strong, the grind may have been too fine. 
  2. Grind the desired amount of coffee beans. The dosage of course depends on how much you like your coffee. Approximately 16 grams of coffee powder in 250 milliliters of water are recommended.
  3. Put a filter paper in your hand filter and rinse it with hot water. This way you preheat the filter and the cup and at the same time remove the taste of the filter paper. Then pour out the hot water in the cup.
  4. Put the desired amount of freshly ground coffee in the filter paper.
  5. Heat water to about 95 degrees. Bring it to the boil and then let it rest for a minute. If the water is too hot, the coffee tastes bitter, but if it is too cold, it has a sour aftertaste.
  6. Pour so much of the hot water into the filter that the coffee powder is just completely covered. In the next 30 seconds you can watch the coffee powder swell. This effect is called "blooming". Because the coffee powder soaks up with water, the flavors can then be better extracted.
  7. Slowly pour the rest of the water into the filter and let it run through.

Now the coffee is ready – time to enjoy! The coffee grounds, by the way, you shouldn’t throw away any that remains in the filter, as it is a versatile and useful home remedy.

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