Filmtip – the ocean cleanup as youtube-doku

Filmtip - the ocean cleanup as youtube-doku

In early September, the ocean vacuum cleaner from the Dutch company The Ocean Cleanup set to sea to clear the oceans of plastic. You can watch a documentary about the origins of the organization on YouTube.

is possibly the best known organization that works against the huge amounts of plastic waste in the oceans. This is certainly also due to the charismatic founder of the company, Boyan Slat. He started the giant five years ago at the age of 18 marine Vacuum Cleaners to develop. This should now start its work on the Pacific garbage strudel. The company is featured in the Dutch channel’s YouTube documentary “The Ocean Plastic Cleanup of Boyan Slat”.

From an idea to a company

Boyan Slat, the founder of The Ocean Cleanup.
(Photo: © The Ocean Cleanup)

The documentary begins with live recordings that show how the first model of the sea vacuum cleaner sets sail. From this point, various aspects of how the plastic catcher was developed are highlighted. Vpro shows many live recordings and speeches from Boyan Slat. The documentary traces how a company with 80 employees emerged from the idea of ​​sucking plastic out of the sea.

How the sea vacuum cleaner works is only briefly explained using a clear animation. Also the general problem of Plastic in the sea is less covered in the documentary. Instead, the viewer learns a lot about how the company works. It’s also about the challenges Boyan Slat had to face before his first model was finished.

His plans are ambitious: at some point there will be 60 such vacuum cleaners. These are to be used on various garbage swirls and to rid the oceans of half of the plastic waste. Boyan Slat does not deny that the first model has to prove itself in practice.

A few days ago, the test phase of his ocean vacuum cleaner started on the Pacific waste strudel. The organization is clear that the vacuum cleaner is not MikroPlastik can soak up. However, Slat and his team have set themselves the goal of fishing larger plastic out of the sea before it can even decompose into microplastics.

Interesting insights

The documentary shows what everyday work at The Ocean Cleanup looks like.
(Photo: © The Ocean Cleanup)

The vpro documentary changes a lot between speeches and live recordings – this makes it very entertaining. However, she is very much focused on Boyan Slat. It would have been nice if the filmmakers too other projects mentioned about plastic disposal and also let critics have their say. The documentary provides interesting insights into the work of a modern NGO and shows how Boyan’s idea can be put into practice. Boyan Slat says: "Be determined in your goal and flexible in the way to achieve it."

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