Film tip – the salt of the earth – homage to sebastião salgado

Film tip - the salt of the earth - homage to sebastião salgado

Wim Wenders’ award-winning documentary “The Salt of the Earth” pays homage to the Brazilian photographer Sebastião Salgado, which shows that the destruction of our planet is not irreversible.

The documentary tells an impressive story of the life and work of the Parisian photographer Sebastião Salgado. At the beginning we learn how Wenders came across Salgado for the first time more than 20 years ago – his photos immediately captivated him, he couldn’t look away.

"People were important to him"

Salgado loves people – you can see that in his works. The power of the portraits, the second of the moment and the masterful compositions speak for themselves. While we see many of these impressive photographs in the film, Wenders Salgado lets the monologue tell the stories he was experiencing at the time of the shot. This enables us to experience the photographer in private.

Photographs of the world’s suffering

And Salgado has a lot of stories to tell. Because in the past 40 years international conflicts, wars and their consequences have been documented on all continents. At some point he could no longer bear the misery and was almost broken – he looked "into the heart of darkness". His love for people faded. But then Salgado began to capture an optimistic view of the earth: for his gigantic photo project "GENESIS", he documented the beauty of our planet. For this, he traveled with his camera for a whole decade to the most heavenly places in the world.

"The Salt of the Earth" – award-winning documentary

The film ends just as optimistically – it shows that the destruction of our planet is reversible. Salgado himself provided the proof when he planted two and a half million rainforest trees on his family’s Bulcão Farm in Brazil. The area has recovered from the previous desertification, the forest and the animals have returned.

“The Salt of the Earth” received the special jury award in Cannes in 2014, was nominated for the 2015 Oscar in the category “Best Documentary” and was awarded a César for “Best Documentary”.

The film is still until November 8, 2017 .

Film tip: Laura from Media Steak

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