Film tip – power to change – the energy rebellion

Film tip - power to change - the energy rebellion

The film "Power to Change – The Energy Rebellion" shows that a sustainable energy transition is technically and financially possible and how much bottom-up movements can bring about.

Why energy turnaround??

Of the climate Change is probably one of the biggest problems our world has to solve right now. Many people are pushing for it energy transition: The way we generate energy has long determined our way of life. Since we started using fossil fuels and energy storage, our society has been able to produce and grow much more. 

However, environmental pollution from oil and coal has become a massive environmental problem. In addition, there is still no way to safely store or dispose of nuclear waste. There are now many projects and movements that are pushing for the energy transition. But what can they really achieve??

Power to change: energy transition and current affairs

"Power to Change" shows the unimagined possibilities of renewable energies.
(Photo: change filmverleih)

The film shows what role supposedly small actors play in the energy rebellion. The film introduces people who are involved in the energy rebellion – and how much their projects do in decentralized spheres. The documentation also sheds light on the energy transition from the perspective of activists, companies, politicians, ordinary people, doubters and critics. 

The director Carl-A. Fechner already made the film "The 4th Revolution – Energy Autonomy". In “Power to Change”, after a long period of research, he shows how complex and yet hopeful the process of the energy transition is. Special focus is on Ukraine:

“The current conflict in the country has more to do with the energy turnaround than you might think at first glance. We are proposing that the situation in Ukraine could improve significantly if there were more renewable energies in the country, ”said the film crew.

The film shows how gas supplies in Ukraine fuel conflicts. He raises the question of whether the country would not be more independent and people would be better cared for if Ukraine were to focus more on renewable energies. In this way, the energy transition could help the country to achieve more inner stability and peace.

Power to Change – The EnergieRebellion was shown in cinemas in 2016 and is on sale in stores DVD and Blu-ray available. It is also available on.

Here is the trailer for the film:

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