Film tip – garbage island – an ocean full of plastic

Film tip - garbage island - an ocean full of plastic

Garbage Island shows the everyday life of researchers on the high seas and also explains the background of plastic pollution. Who is to blame for the trash??

"The world is plastic. It’s a plastic fantastic world. It’s our society, it’s our way of life, it’s our food delivery system. "

Plastic is practical. It is inexpensive to manufacture, durable, freely formable and light. And so life without plastic is no longer imaginable for us. But what happens to all the packaging material when the content has long been used up? Where does the shopping bag end up when we no longer need it??

Maybe here: In the middle of the North Pacific ocean current, between America and Asia. Because there is a huge carpet made of plastic waste. Whether bags, bottles, canisters, packaging, even old toys: far from any civilization, in the middle of the sea, the remains of our throw-away society are suddenly painfully present.

Garbage Island – an “island” made of garbage

So-called micro-plastic is much worse than the large plastic parts, which are still recognizable as such. Tiny plastic particles that are often mixed with toxic chemicals are absorbed by plankton or other smaller sea creatures, thus entering the food chain and ultimately ultimately our bodies.

In Garbage Island, vice reporter Thomas Morton and a camera team board the research ship owned by Charles Moore, the discoverer of the so-called "Pacific Garbage Strudel". For three weeks, Vice accompanies the marine researcher on the trail of the millions of tons of plastic garbage floating around in our oceans. And that will probably never completely dissolve.

An apparently unsolvable problem

The Garbage Island documentary shows the everyday life of researchers on the high seas and also explains the background of pollution. Who is to blame for the trash anyway? The consumers? The industry? And can there be a solution to this seemingly unsolvable problem? A terrifying film that opens your eyes. And although the documentation was created almost ten years ago, the topic has (unfortunately) not lost its relevance to this day.

You can watch "Garbage Island" in full length on Media Steak.

Film tip: Frieda from Media Steak

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