Film tip – far. The story of a way around the world

Film tip - far. The story of a way around the world

Around the world without a plane – it took Gwen and Patrick almost four years to do this. They hitchhiked and walked from the Black Forest. The result was “Weit”, an impressive documentary that shows that you don’t need much to be happy.

Spend a maximum of five euros a day, hitchhike as much as possible, sleep in a tent, exchange work for sleeping places and food – never fly. This is probably the least of us imagining a trip around the world. A young couple from the Black Forest, on the other hand, do.

Far. The story of a way around the world

Gwen and Patrick traveled around the world for almost four years, heading east from Freiburg in the Black Forest and back home again via the West. They brought along lots of exciting stories and video material.

In their self-produced documentation “Weit. The story of a way around the world ”the two record their journey. And show what is possible with a bit of openness and curiosity.

Film tip: Far. A way around the world. – here hitchhiking through Siberia. (Photo: © Gwendolin Weisser / Patrick Allgaier)

With spontaneity, openness and trust you can go further than with the plane

The two of them often need help on their way around the world. And people help them: so they hitchhike and sleep in the tent or with local families. In return, they help with the household, keep truck drivers awake over long distances or cook for their hosts. The couple experiences how the country and its people are slowly changing and shows in “Weit” that spontaneity, openness and trust get you further than by plane.

The experiences that Gwen and Patrick have while hitchhiking through the Balkans, camping in the Caucasus and couch surfing in Iran are so exciting and captivating in the film that after watching them you feel as if you were there yourself.

The film "Far. The story of a way around the world " is currently still in the program of many German cinemas and open air cinemas.

From January Gwen and Patrick go on tour with their film, explain and explain it, answer questions about it. The film is shot in Full HD and will also be available on DVD and Blu-ray from December.

All information can be found again in detail on that of the film.

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