Film tip – fair traders – true stories of ethical business

Film tip - fair traders - true stories of ethical business

The film "Fair Traders" takes you with you and shows you a world in which fair trade and alternatives work – but also what limits they come up against. Today the film starts in German cinemas.

The problem with trading

Why is Fast fashion such a big problem? What is the cotton production bad and why should industrial agriculture being bad? But especially: How can we do it differently? 

In his documentary "" Nino Jacusso shows three people from Switzerland and Germany who do exactly that: Live alternatives. The current social-ecological crises have prompted them to actively change something.

Fair Traders: three special protagonists

The textile industry has great social and environmental impacts. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / venturaartist)

In the film you get to know the three protagonists Patrick Hohmann, Sina Trinkwalder and Claudia Zimmermann. The three are pioneers of "doing different" and take you on an alternative journey.

Patrick Hohmann is an entrepreneur for and sources its goods from Tanzania and India. He believes in fair prices and working conditions. He is concerned with the welfare of the community and wants to make a statement against exploitation.

Sina Trinkwalder leads the textile company. It employs people who otherwise have no chance on the job market. She used to run a marketing agency. However, she soon realized that she wanted to use her working hours more sensibly. The special thing about her clothes: She makes them without producing garbage (Zero-Waste).

Claudia Zimmermann is an organic farmer in Switzerland and is committed to an agricultural revolution. She grows food according to ecological standards and sells it in a health food store.

Another future is possible

The film "Fair Traders" shows that a different world – but above all a different way of doing business – is possible. It gives hope and opens up alternatives that inspire and motivate. The protagonists make it, fair working conditions with the pressure of free market economy to agree and prove to us that socially and ecologically justifiable management is possible.

Look at: The film opens in Switzerland on February 14, 2019, in Germany on March 28.

You can find more information about the film on the film’s own .

Look at that:

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