Film tip – between heaven and ice

Film tip - between heaven and ice

Nowhere else on earth are the consequences of climate change as tangible as in eternal ice. The documentary "Between Heaven and Ice" accompanies the scientist Claude Lorius to Antarctica and shows the beauty and fragility of this part of the world.

In his new film "Between Heaven and Ice", director and Oscar winner Luc Jacquet ("The Journey of the Penguins") tells the story of the now over 80-year-old French polar explorer Claude Lorius in spectacular shots. As a young man, he explored ice under the most extreme conditions. He was the first to trace the Earth’s climate history back 800,000 years – and to prove that current climate change is man-made.

Lorius, who says in the film of himself that today he is only "an old man who realizes that history has proven him right", is a pioneer of modern climate science. He is convinced: “For 100 years, man-made CO2 emissions have been the cause of unprecedented global warming. We are about to change the climate of our planet at a rate that is unprecedented in history. The message is clear. "

"Between Heaven and Ice" combines spectacular archive material from Claude Lorius’ expeditions with his stories and impressive recordings of the Antarctic ice landscapes. The result is a documentary that is worth seeing, which impresses with these natural shots and the adventurous story of the protagonist – and represents a moving plea for climate protection.

From November 26th, 2015, “Between Heaven and Ice” can be seen in German cinemas.

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