Fresh look - fairphone 2 with slim case four new colors

The Fairphone 2 gets a slim case: This makes the back cover, the interchangeable back of the phone, which also serves as a protective cover, thinner and more visually appealing and is available in four different colors.

The integrated back cover of the Fairphone 2, which protects against falls and bumps, has been fundamentally revised. The new "slim case" is now thinner and makes the entire phone appear more delicate and high-quality. In addition, the new back cover is easier to detach from the smartphone and re-attach due to the two-part construction.

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In mid-July, parents received a notice of fine for the first time because their children had missed class without excuse because of a Friday For Future demo. Now the city of Mannheim has revoked the decision.

Authorities had already threatened in April, and in mid-July the first school had implemented the threats: Four Mannheim families were to pay a fine of EUR 88.50 each – the reported .

The reason: your children missed two school hours without excuse in May. Instead, the students of the Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium were on a Fridays For Future demo and demonstrated for more climate protection.

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End friendship - so you stay fair

Ending a friendship is never easy, but sometimes necessary. We’ll help you make the right decision and show you how to respectfully separate.

When we are unhappy and dissatisfied in a love relationship, it often leads to a separation. Maybe there is a big bang or a subtle insight that it just doesn’t work. In any case, the end of a partnership is very difficult and emotional. 

Countless films and songs give us a good insight into what such a separation should look like. We know how to end a relationship with dignity. And then we cry quietly lovesickness or are happy about the new freedom.

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Foreign objects in the eye - these home remedies help

If foreign objects land in the eye, this can be very uncomfortable. Fortunately, you can often simply remove smaller objects yourself. We’ll show you how it works best.

With small foreign bodies in the eye, your body mostly helps itself. Eyelashes, small insects or dust grains can often be easily rinsed out of the eye by the tear fluid. If this does not work, you can carefully help yourself to remove the foreign body.

Safely remove foreign objects in the eye

You are sure that the foreign body only on the surface of your eye lies? Then you can try to carefully remove it. Make sure that you do not rub the foreign body outwards, but wipe it towards the nose to the tear duct. You can quickly get rid of loose eyelashes, for example.

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Voluntary service abroad - 3 ways to get involved worldwide

Volunteering and gap years are becoming increasingly popular. But where and with whom, so that the trip also has social or ecological added value? We present three voluntary services that offer jobs worldwide.

General information about voluntary services

The positions for voluntary social years, FSJs, and voluntary ecological years, FÖJs, are numerous in Germany. Worldwide volunteer services are also becoming increasingly popular. Logical – because the participants hope to gain new experiences and broaden their horizons. Anyone who has experienced working at the minimum subsistence level will certainly think differently about the products that are bought in every supermarket in Germany for cents.

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Free radicals - what effects they have and how you protect yourself

Free radicals are considered dangerous substances that cause us to age prematurely and make us weak and sick. But what’s really going on with the chemical compounds?

What are free radicals??

Free radicals are compounds that have an unpaired electron. This means that they lack an electron, so to speak. So they are incomplete and therefore unstable. In order to regain a stable state, they want to react with other substances as quickly as possible and snatch an electron from them. The most important representative of this group is the oxygen radical. By reacting with other compounds, further radicals are formed. This can trigger a number of chain reactions.

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Freelance authors wanted - come to utopia

Utopia is looking for freelance authors for advice texts: Would you like to accompany people on their way to more sustainability? Then apply now! 

The scarcer the resources, the more important it becomes to deal with people, animals and nature – regardless of whether it is about climate change, regional food, fair clothing or future-oriented technologies. Utopia has been providing information about this for years, making a contribution to a more sustainable society. Do you want to support us? Then apply now!

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Women's coat tea - effect, application and preparation

Women’s coat tea is recommended primarily because of its helpful effects for women complaints and the desire to have children. We’ll tell you what else you can use the tea for and what you should pay attention to when harvesting and preparing the herb.

Effect of women’s coat tea

Women’s coat tea is often used, especially during pregnancy.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Free-Photos)

As the name of the lady’s mantle suggests, this medicinal plant is used in almost all types of Mrs complaints used:

  • Traditionally, women’s coat tea is used Pelvic inflammatory disease, menstrual problems, White river (Secretion of white secretions from the vagina) and premenstrual mood swings recommended.
  • He also helps fertility problems, additional bleeding (Metrorrhagia) and Menopausal.
  • Women’s coat tea is particularly common fertility used, because it has a balancing effect on the cycle regulation in the female hormone balance. It also helps build and maintain the endometrium, which is very important for conception.
  • In the early days of pregnancy can women coat tea Reduce risk of miscarriage, because it strengthens the uterus.
  • In the last month of pregnancy, however, the herb is helpful to the To strengthen pelvic organs.
  • But women’s coats are also very helpful after birth: in this phase, tea supports you milk flow as well as the healing process of injuries that occurred during childbirth.

In addition, lady’s mantle herb has numerous other positive effects – regardless of gender:

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Lady's mantle - this is how you plant and care for the medicinal herb

Lady’s mantle has been a popular medicinal plant since the Middle Ages. Here you will learn how to grow lady’s mantle in your garden, how the medicinal herb works and how you can use it.

The genus women’s coat includes approximately 1000 different types. The most popular for the garden include the soft lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis), the small lady’s mantle (Alchemilla erythropoda), and the silver lady’s mantle (Alchemilla hoppeana). As medicinal plant The common lady’s mantle (Alchemilla Vulgaris) has been used since the Middle Ages.

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Women's cooperatives - what they do and why they matter

Women earn their own money in women’s cooperatives. But there is more to it than that. We explain how cooperatives can lift women out of poverty.

Women’s cooperatives offer women in countries such as Africa, Asia or South America the opportunity to free themselves from poverty or other difficult life situations. By uniting, they can better pursue their goals and support each other.

The cooperative is something like one cooperative, in which, for example, farmers join together. The women in the cooperative are also the owners and determine themselves for what they want to use the profits they have made together.

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